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Table 2 Constructs used for plant expression

From: A gene stacking approach leads to engineered plants with highly increased galactan levels in Arabidopsis

Name Construct Expression vector Plant background
p35S:UGE2 p35S:FLAG-AtUGE2 pMDC32 Col-0, uge4, GalS1-OE
p35S:UGE4 p35S:FLAG-AtUGE4 pMDC32 Col-0, uge4
p35S:UGE5 p35S:FLAG-AtUGE5 pMDC32 Col-0, uge4
p35S:UGEc p35S:FLAG-PtUGEc pMDC32 Col-0, uge4
p35S:GalS1 p35S:YFP-GalS1 pEarleyGate104 Col-0
pIRX5:NST1-UGE2 pIRX5:NST1-2A-AtUGE2 pTKan-pIRX5-GWR3R2 Col-0, GalS1-OE
EVC 35S:pvu2 (non coding) pMDC32 Col-0, uge4