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Table 4 Genes predicted as causal genes for days to heading a

From: Prioritization of candidate genes in QTL regions based on associations between traits and biological processes

Gene Available existing annotation
LOC_Os01g68620 signal peptide peptidase-like 2B
LOC_Os01g70920 cullin-1
LOC_Os01g74020 MYB family transcription factor
LOC_Os03g54170 OsMADS34 - MADS-box family gene with MIKCc type-box
LOC_Os03g61570 expressed protein
LOC_Os05g02300 Core histone H2A/H2B/H3/H4 domain containing protein
LOC_Os07g41370 OsMADS18 - MADS-box family gene with MIKCc type-box
LOC_Os07g46180 PWWP domain containing protein
LOC_Os07g08880 ES43 protein
LOC_Os09g39270 ZOS9-20 - C2H2 zinc finger protein
LOC_Os10g40810 GATA zinc finger domain containing protein
  1. aGenes prioritized in QTL regions for trait days to heading based on their predicted function ‘regulation of flower development’, and present as single gene annotated with this term in the respective QTL region. Without the last requirement, in total 79 genes were prioritized in the QTL regions for this trait based on the BP ‘regulation of flower development’ (Additional file 3: Table S5).