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Table 1 Associations between traits and biological processes a

From: Prioritization of candidate genes in QTL regions based on associations between traits and biological processes

Input data  
#traits 179
#QTL regions 1591
#BP terms 1767
#relevant BP terms b 1522
Prioritization results  
#trait-BP associations 2519
#traits involved 153
#BP terms involved 918
  1. aAs intermediate step in candidate gene prioritization, traits and biological processes (BPs) were associated using overrepresentation of biological processes found for genes connected with each trait in the rice Gramene QTL compendium.
  2. bOnly BP terms which were associated with less than 1% of the genes in the genome were used as input terms in our analysis (i.e., a filter on the maximum allowed generality of the biological process was applied).