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Table 2 Mutation analysis of nontransgenic T2 triple mutant plants

From: A CRISPR/Cas9 toolkit for multiplex genome editing in plants

T1 lines NT T2 triple mutant lines ETC2 TRY CPC
A17 A17-1 +A/+A +C/+C +T/+T
A17-2 +A/+A +C/+T +T/+T
A17-3 +A/+A +G(×2)/+T(×8) +A/+T
A17-4 +A/+A +C(×6)/+T(×3) +C/+T
A17-5 +A/+A +C/+C +T/+T
A17-6 +A/+A +C/+T +C/+T
A17-7 +A/+A +C/+T +T/+T
A17-8 +A/+A +T(×5)/+T(×5) +T/+T
A17-9 +A/+A +T/+T +C/+T
A33 A33-1 +C/+C -C(×4)/-C(×4) +G/+G
A33-2 +A/+C -C/-C +G/+G
A33-3 -TCG/-TCG +T/+T +A/+A
  1. Two types of mutations from direct sequencing of PCR products were obtained based on double-peaks on chromatograph. “+” indicates insertion, “–” indicates deletion. Two alleles are separated by “/”. For mutations identified by sequencing of DNA from clones harboring PCR products, the number of clones harboring the same mutation is indicated in parentheses.