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Figure 2

From: A CRISPR/Cas9 toolkit for multiplex genome editing in plants

Figure 2

Premade gRNA modules used for the assembly of two to four gRNA expression cassettes. (A) gRNA-expressing modules for both dicots and monocots. U6-29p, U6-26p, and U6-1p are three Arabidopsis U6 gene promoters; U6-29t, U6-26t, and U6-1t, corresponding Arabidopsis U6 gene terminators with downstream sequences; OsU3p and TaU3p, rice and wheat U3 promoters, respectively; OsU3t and TaU3t, rice and wheat U3 terminators with downstream sequences, respectively; gRNA-Sc, gRNA scaffold; DT1/2/3/4, dicot target-1/2/3/4; MT1/2/3/4, monocot target-1/2/3/4. The vector pCBC is the cloning vector into which the gRNA modules were inserted separately. (B) Examples of the assembly of two-gRNA expression cassettes for dicots and monocots using the gRNA modules. Note: Each PCR fragment is flanked by two BsaI sites (not shown).

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