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Table 2 List of genes present in the chloroplast genome of N. nucifera

From: A precise chloroplast genome of Nelumbo nucifera (Nelumbonaceae) evaluated with Sanger, Illumina MiSeq, and PacBio RS II sequencing platforms: insight into the plastid evolution of basal eudicots

  Group of genes Name of genes
Protein synthesis and DNA-replication Ribosomal RNAs (8) rrn16(×2) rrn23(×2) rrn4.5(×2) rrn5(×2)
  Transfer RNAs (37) trna(ugc)* trnC(gca) trnD(guc) trnE(uuc) trnF(gaa) trnG(gcc) trnL(uaa)* trnL(uag) trnG(ucc)* trnH(gug) trnI(cau)(×2) trnI(gau)*(×2) trnK(uuu)* trnL(caa)(×2) trnfM(cau) trnM(cau) trnN(guu)(×2) trnP(ugg) trnQ(uug) trnR(acg)(×2) trnR(ucu) trnS(gcu) trnS(gga) trnS(uga) trnT(ggu) trnT(ugu) trnV(gac)(×2) trnV(uac)* trnW(cca) trnY(gua)
  Ribosomal proteins small subunit (14) rps2 rps3 rps4 rps7(×2) rps8 rps11 rps12*(×2)
rps14 rps15 rps16* rps18 rps19
  Ribosomal proteins large subunit (11) rpl2 *(×2) rpl14 rpl16* rpl20 rpl22
rpl23(×2) rpl32 rpl33 rpl36
  Subunits of RNA polymerase (4) rpoA rpoB rpoC1* rpoC2
Photosynthesis Photosystem I (5) psaA psaB psaC psaI psaJ
  Photosystem II (15) psbA psbB psbC psbD psbE psbF psb HpsbI psbJ psbK psbL psbM psbN psbT psbZ
  Cytochrome b/f complex (6) petA petB* petD* petG petL petN
  ATP synthase (6) atpA atpB atpE atpF* atpH atpI
  NADH-dehydrogenase (12) ndhA*ndhB*(×2) ndhC ndhD ndhE ndhF ndhG ndhH ndhI ndhJ ndhK
  Large subunit of Rubisco (1) rbcL
miscellaneous group Translation initiation factor IF-1 (1) infA
  Acetyl-CoA carboxylase (1) accD
  Cytochrome c biogenesis (1) ccsA
  Maturase (1) matK
  ATP-dependent protease (1) clpP*
  Inner membrane protein (1) cemA
Genes of unknown function Conserved hypothetical chloroplast reading frames (5) ycf1 ycf2(×2) ycf3*ycf4
  1. Genes with introns are marked with asterisks (*).
  2. The numbers in parentheses represents the number of genes.