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Table 1 Parental values, ranges and heritabilities in the AI-RILs of scopolin and scopoletin content (relative values a )

From: Identification of QTLs affecting scopolin and scopoletin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana

  Parents AI-RIL
Trait Col-0 value a Est-1 value a Range Mean Heritability d
Scopolin (H-) b 9.71 28.45 1.9-45.13 19.84 0.50
Scopoletin (H+) c 14.58 34.53 7.82-54.93 29.68 0.45
  1. aRelative levels measured as an area% of total chromatogram signals (as described in Methods section).
  2. bContent of scopolin before enzymatic hydrolysis.
  3. cContent of scopoletin after enzymatic hydrolysis.
  4. dMeasure of total phenotypic variance attributable to genetic differences among genotypes (broad sense heritability) calculated as V G /(V G +V E ).