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Table 1 Annotation of the candidate genes

From: Genes involved in floral meristem in tomato exhibit drastically reduced genetic diversity and signature of selection

Targeted tomato candidate genes and related annotation
Gene Gene abbreviation Arabidopsis gene id Tomato gene id Tomato chromosome Pathway compartment Arabidopsis annotation Gene_references
TOPLESS TPL AT1G15750.1 Solyc03g117360.2.1 SL2.40ch03 Auxin pathway WD-40 repeat protein-like [38]
KORRIGAN 1 KOR1 AT5G49720.1 Solyc01g102580.2.1 SL2.40ch01 Cytokinesis Endo 1,4 b glucanase [39]-[41]
CORONA CNA AT1G52150.1 Solyc03g120910.2.1 SL2.40ch03 Floral meristem identity HD ZIP III protein [42]-[44]
ULTRAPETALA1 ULT1 AT4G28190.1 Solyc07g054450.2.1 SL2.40ch07 Floral meristem identity SAND-domain transcription factor [45]
ARGONAUTE 1 AGO1 AT1G48410.1 Solyc03g098280.2.1 SL2.40ch03 Floral meristem identity YABBY/AGO [46]-[48]
REBELOTE RBL AT3G55510.1 Solyc02g081680.2.1 SL2.40ch02 Floral meristem identity unknown function [49]
UNUSUAL FLORAL ORGAN UFO AT1G30950.1 Solyc02g081670.1.1 SL2.40ch02 Floral meristem identity F box protein [50]-[53]
SELF PRUNING SP/TFL1 AT5G03840.1 Solyc06g074350.2.1 SL2.40ch06 Floral meristem identity PEBP protein [54]-[56]
FILAMENTOUS FLOWER FIL-YAB1 AT2G45190.1 Solyc01g091010.2.1 SL2.40ch01 Floral organ identity YABBY [57]-[59]
LATERAL SUPPRESSOR LAS AT1G55580.1 Solyc07g066250.1.1 SL2.40ch07 Floral organ identity GRAS family transcription factor [60]-[62]
PHABULOSA PHB AT2G34710.1 Solyc02g024070.2.1 SL2.40ch02 Floral organ identity HD ZIP III [42],[63],[64]
PHAVOLUTA PHV AT1G30490.1 Solyc08g066500.2.1 SL2.40ch08 Floral organ identity HD ZIP III [42],[63],[64]
AINTEGUMENTA ANT AT4G37750.1 Solyc04g077490.2.1 SL2.40ch04 Floral organ identity AP2/ERF transcription factor family [65]-[67]
AGAMOUS AG AT4G18960 Solyc02g071730.2.1 SL2.40ch02 Floral organ identity MADS Box transcription factor [68]-[71]
CLAVATA 1 CLV1 AT1G75820.1 Solyc04g081590.2.1 SL2.40ch04 Meristem maintenance LRR Receptor kinase [72],[73]
KINASE ASSOCIATED PROTEIN PHOSPHATASE KAPP AT5G19280.1 Solyc01g079720.2.1 SL2.40ch01 Meristem maintenance kinase-associated protein phosphatase [74],[75]
SHEPERD SHD AT4G24190.1 Solyc04g081570.2.1 SL2.40ch04 Meristem maintenance ER-resident HSP90-like protein [76]
SHOOTMERISTEMLESS STM AT1G62360.1 Solyc02g081120.2.1 SL2.40ch02 Meristem maintenance KNOX1 homeobox protein [77]-[79]
SPLAYED SYD AT2G28290.1 Solyc02g068560.2.1 SL2.40ch02 Meristem maintenance SNF2chromatin remodelling protein [80]
WUSCHEL WUS AT2G17950.1 Solyc02g083950.2.1 SL2.40ch02 Meristem maintenance WOX family protein [81]-[84]
ZWILLE/ARGONAUTE10 ZLL-PNH-AGO10 AT5G43810.1 Solyc09g082830.2.1 SL2.40ch09 Meristem maintenance YABBY/AGO [46],[85]
CLAVATA 2 CLV2 AT1G65380.1 Solyc04g056640.1.1 SL2.40ch04 Meristem maintenance LRR Receptor like protein [86],[87]
REVOLUTA REV AT5G60690.1 Solyc11g069470.1.1 SL2.40ch11 Meristem maintenance HD ZIP III [42],[64]
BARELY ANY MERISTEM 1 BAM1 AT5G65700.1 Solyc02g091840.2.1 SL2.40ch02 Meristem maintenance LRR-RLKs kinase [88],[89]
LOCULE NUMBER LC AT5G66240.2 Solyc02g083940.2.1 SL2.40ch02 NA non coding region [23],[25],[26],[90]
FRUIT WEIGHT 2.2 FW2.2/ATPCR2 AT1G14870.1 Solyc02g090730.2.1 SL2.40ch02 NA Plac gene family motif [21],[91]-[95]
OVATE* OVATE/ATOFP7 AT2G18500.1 Solyc02g085500.2.1 SL2.40ch02 NA Ovate family Protein [22],[58],[96]-[98]
SUN* SUN AT5G03960.1 Solyc10g079240.1.1 SL2.40ch10 NA IQ67 family protein [99],[100]
TD380* TD380 /DDM1 AT5G66750.1 Solyc02g085390.2.1 SL2.40ch02 NA SNF2 chromatin remodelling protein [33],[101]
NON CODING NCD non coding non coding SL2.40ch02 NA non coding region NA
Gene Gene abbreviation Arabidopsis gene id Tomato solyc id Tomato chromosome   Arabidopsis annotation Gene_references
AHRD V1 ***- Q9LIL2_ARATH EIF3C AT3G56150.2 Solyc01g102570.2.1 SL2.40ch01 NA eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3C [102]
AHRD V1 *-*- MDTK ZF14 AT1G58340.1 Solyc02g090740.2.1 SL2.40ch02 NA MATE efflux family protein [103]
Ovate protein ATOFP6, OFP6 AT3G52525.1 Solyc02g085510.1.1 SL2.40ch02 NA ovate family protein - 55 7e-09 [98]
Adenylosuccinate synthetase ADSS AT3G57610.1 Solyc02g085520.2.1 SL2.40ch02 NA adenylosuccinate synthase [104]
Glucosyltransferase UGT71B8 AT3G21800.1 Solyc02g081690.1.1 SL2.40ch02 NA UDP-glucosyl transferase 71B8 [105]
ATP dependent RNA helicase DEA(D/H) Box AT4G16630.1 Solyc04g081580.2.1 SL2.40ch04 NA DEA(D/H)-box RNA helicase family protein [106]
Os01g0786800 protein Exporter AT2G25737.1 Solyc02g085400.2.1 SL2.40ch02 NA Sulfite exporter TauE/SafE family protein [107]
  1. Gene function, Arabidopsis thaliana and tomato gene ID, Tomato chromosome location (v2.40) and bibliographic references. Supplementary genes partially sequenced.
  2. *Cloned tomato genes.