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Figure 5

From: Trans-Golgi network localized small GTPase RabA1d is involved in cell plate formation and oscillatory root hair growth

Figure 5

Light-sheet live imaging of GFP-RabA1d accumulation during root hair oscillatory tip growth. Maximum-intensity projections of two indicated time points (A). The actively growing root hairs showed a higher tip-accumulation (filled arrowheads) than the slowly expanding or mature root hairs (open arrowheads). The tip-accumulation of GFP-RabA1d increased in steady state actively growing root hairs (B, enlarged boxed area from A). The pixel line from B is plotted as a function of time (kymograph in C). The kymograph exhibited an oscillating behavior between lower and higher intensity (C). Fluorescence intensity measurements significantly correlated with the growth rates of the root hair (D). Bars represent 100 μm in A and 10 μm in B.

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