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Figure 2

From: Trans-Golgi network localized small GTPase RabA1d is involved in cell plate formation and oscillatory root hair growth

Figure 2

GFP-RabA1d accumulates in BFA compartments and is upregulated by BFA treatment. Root cells of Arabidopsis stably transformed with 35S::GFP:RabA1d construct were analysed. GFP-RabA1d colocalized with early endocytotic compartments labeled by FM4-64 (A-C). After BFA treatment, both GFP-RabA1d and FM4-64 accumulated together in the core of BFA compartments (D-F). 2D-histogram intensity and correlation of GFP-Rab1Ad and FM4-64 early endocytotic compartments in root cells (G) and after BFA treatment (H). Pearson’s coefficient (r) was determined using Costes automatic threshold. BFA treatment induced RabA1d upregulation at protein level (I), upregulation of RabA1d was determined from comparison of 2-DE gels (arrow) and measured as increase of spot density (J). Bars represent 4 μm in A-C and 5 μm in D-F.

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