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Figure 1

From: Trans-Golgi network localized small GTPase RabA1d is involved in cell plate formation and oscillatory root hair growth

Figure 1

Subcellular localization of GFP-tagged RabA1d. Subcellular localization of GFP-RabA1d in cells of N. benthamiana. Co-vizualization with ER reporter ER-DsRed (A-C) showed partial association of GFP-RabA1d and cortical ER tubules. GFP-RabA1d colocalized with neither 2xFYVE-DsRed (D-F) nor with mCherry-RabF2a (G-I), markers for late endosomes/multi-vesicular bodies. Colocalization of GFP-RabA1d with mCherry-VTI12 representing a TGN marker (J-L). Intensity correlation scatterplots of GFP-Rab1Ad and ER-DsRed (M), FYVE-DsRed (N), mCherry-RabF2a (O), and mCherry-VTI12 (P). Pearson’s coefficient (r) was determined after Costes automatic threshold. Bars represent 3 μm in A-C and 5 μm in D-L.

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