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Table 4 Fst values between combinations of the four sex haplotype groups

From: A small XY chromosomal region explains sex determination in wild dioecious V. vinifera and the reversal to hermaphroditism in domesticated grapevines

Haplotype groups Fst
Vitis vinifera intraspecific comparaison     
Wild males vs. wild females 0.95 0.93 0.88 0.62
Wild males vs. domesticated hermaphrodites 0.62 0.00 0.61 0.54
Domesticated hermaphrodites vs. wild females 0.90 0.92 0.86 0.67
Wild females vs. domesticated females 0.17 0.62 0.16 0.08
Vitis sp. vs Vitis vinifera sylvestris 0.16 0.04 0.05 0.19
  1. The Vitis species used for the interspecific statistics were V. balanseana, V. monticola and V. coignetiae.