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Figure 3

From: Prediction and functional analysis of the sweet orange protein-protein interaction network

Figure 3

The EDI distribution and modular features of CitrusNet. (a) EDI distributions for CitrusNet, random network, MCL-modular network, and protein-complex network. (b) EDI distribution of CitrusNet based on topological properties. Red line represents low-degree nodes, orange line represents high-degree nodes, yellow line represents high-degree nodes with high BC, and grass green line represents high-degree nodes with low BC. Nodes with low-degree have the highest percentages of EDI values around zero. (c) Comparison of the average shortest path between CitrusNet and a random network, based on removed genes with different EDI variation values. (d) Modules in sub-networks of CitrusNet consisting of relatively highly expressed genes in four tissues. Node colors indicate different gene functions. Orange, synthesis; red, DNA synthesis and chromatin structure; blue, degradation and ubiquitination; purple, metabolite transport; grass green, cell cycle and cell division; yellow, other functions.

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