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Table 2 T. monococcum accessions used in this field study

From: Identifying variation in resistance to the take-all fungus, Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici, between different ancestral and modern wheat species

Accession1 Years in the trials Variety Country of origin Year of collection Growth habit Donor centre2
MDR001 1 flavescens Algeria   Spring JIC
MDR002 5 atriaristatum Balkans   Spring JIC
MDR025 1 macedonicum; pseudoflavescens Ukraine 1923 Spring VIR
MDR026 1 pseudomacedonicum Ukraine 1923 Spring VIR
MDR031 3 monococcum; macedonicum Turkey 1927 Spring VIR
MDR035 1 flavescens; vulgare Austria 1930 Spring VIR
MDR037 5 macedonicum Armenia 1934 Spring VIR
MDR040 1 vulgare; macedonicum Bulgaria 1940 Spring VIR
MDR043 3 vulgare Greece 1950 Spring VIR
MDR044 2 hornemannii Turkey 1965 Spring VIR
MDR045 1 vulgare Denmark 1970 Spring VIR
MDR046 4 atriaristatum; macedonicum Romania 1970 Spring VIR
MDR047 1 macedonicum; vulgare Hungary 1970 Winter VIR
MDR050 1   Italy   Spring JIC
MDR217 4 1277 Turkey   Spring USDA
MDR218 4 2592 Turkey   Spring USDA
MDR222 1 3281 Turkey   Spring USDA
MDR227 1 Einkorn United States   Spring USDA
MDR228 1 2497 Turkey   Spring USDA
MDR229 4 3962 Spain   Spring USDA
MDR232 3 nigricultum Yugoslavia   Winter USDA
MDR236 1 I-1-1914 Hungary   Spring USDA
MDR243 1 2934 Romania   Winter USDA
MDR244 1 K930 Morocco   Spring USDA
MDR258 1 Einkorn Israel   Spring USDA
MDR261 1 G2886 Iraq   Spring USDA
MDR264 1 G2900 Turkey   Spring USDA
MDR279 1 G2944 Turkey   Spring USDA
MDR280 4 G2946 Turkey   Spring USDA
MDR286 4 84TK154-034 Turkey   Winter USDA
MDR303 1 T-1600 Spain   Spring USDA
MDR306 1 957 Former Yugoslavia   Spring USDA
MDR308 5 DV92 Italy   Spring UC Davis
MDR650 3 PI355520 Iran    USDA
  1. 1T. monococcum accession information previously published (Jing et al. 2007, 2008 and 2009 [7],[22],[36]) Accessions in italics = not previously published.
  2. 2JIC = John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK; UC Davis = University of California, Davis, CA, USA; USDA = United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Aberdeen, ID, USA; VIR = N.I. Vavilov Research Institute of Plant Industry, St Petersburg, Russia.