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Table 2 Locations of Verticillium wilt resistance-related markers and adjacent RGH markers

From: Mining, genetic mapping and expression analysis of EST-derived resistance gene homologs (RGHs) in cotton

SSR markera RGH markerb Genetic distance Chromosome Reference
CIR301 7A-2a 3.0 cM Chr05 [11]
BNL1059 DR454016PRb 16.4 cM Chr14 [11]
BNL3792 DW490845RGA 11.3 cM Chr08 [11]
NAU4898 CK988085PR 5.8 cM Chr05 [13]
  1. aSSR markers related to Verticillium wilt resistance.
  2. bRGH markers linked with Verticillium wilt resistance-related SSR markers.