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Table 3 Enumerative selection of novel motifs overrepresented in the promoters of OsWRKY13-regulated genes

From: Exploring transcriptional signalling mediated by OsWRKY13, a potential regulator of multiple physiological processes in rice

Gene cluster Motif Consensus sequence Stranda P-valueb
Upregulated novel 1 TCTCGGGCAA ss 4.07e-06
  novel 2 GCACGGCA bs 4.51e-06
  novel 3 ACAGGACTTA bs 5.14e-06
  novel 4 CTATTTCGCA ss 6.31e-06
  novel 5 GCTTGCGA ss 8.33e-06
Downregulated novel 6 CGATCGAT ss/bs 1.40e-06
  novel 7 CAGCTAGCT bs/ss 2.65e-06
  novel 8 TATATATA bs/ss 4.31e-06
  novel 9 TGTGTGTGGTT bs/ss 6.17e-06
  novel 10 TGCTTTT ss 1.71e-06
  novel 11 TGGCCTAGAA bs 5.35e-06
  novel 12 ACATGCCTG ss 8.58e-06
  1. aThe letters "bs" or "ss" designate whether an element was detected as overrepresented on both strands (bs) or on the sense strand (ss); "bs/ss" refers to consensus sequence from bs and ss with priority on both strands and "ss/bs" with priority on the sense strand.
  2. bThe P-value of motif with bs/ss or ss/bs annotation was calculated by average of the P-values for bb and ss.