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Table 1 ESTs summary of the forward SSH cDNA library of S. maritima.

From: Isolation, identification and expression analysis of salt-induced genes in Suaeda maritima, a natural halophyte, using PCR-based suppression subtractive hybridization

Descriptive category Values
No. of high quality ESTs 429
Mean EST length (bp) 392
EST size range (bp) 74–814
No. of singletons 89
No. of contiguous sequences (contigs) 78
No. of unigenes 167
No. of ESTs in contigs 340
Contig EST redundancy (%)a 81.8
Maximum EST redundancy in a contig (%)b 7.7
  1. Forward SSH cDNA library, representing the salt-induced genes, was constructed considering the mRNA isolated from the leaves of the NaCl-treated (24 h) plant as 'Tester' and that from the leaves of the control plant as 'Driver'. The cDNAs of the library were cloned and transformed and 502 ESTs from such clones were sequenced. The results are summarized.
  2. aPercentage of the faction of ESTs assembled in the contigs/total no. of ESTs.
  3. bPercentage of the fraction of ESTs in a contig/total no. of ESTs