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Figure 6

From: In vivo reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton in leaves of Nicotiana tabacumL. transformed with plastin-GFP. Correlation with light-activated chloroplast responses

Figure 6

Disintegration of actin bundles by trifluoperazine and its reversal by Ca2+ and Mg2+.(A) Images of disordered F-actin after treatment with 20 μM TFP for 30 min; chloroplast clusters marked with asterisks. Inset (a): effect of 1 h treatment with TFP in darkness. (B) Recovery of actin bundles by continuous wBL (1 h). The irradiation started 15 min after the onset of TFP treatment. The complete AC reconstruction in dark-adapted mesophyll cells pre-treated with TFP for 30 min and thereafter incubated with 5 mM Ca2+ or 5 mM Mg2+ for 2 h (C, D, respectively). Scale bars, 10 μm.

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