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Figure 1

From: Gibberellin mediates daylength-controlled differentiation of vegetative meristems in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassaDuch)

Figure 1

Effect of prohexadione-calcium (Pro-Ca), GA 3 , and photoperiod on strawberry vegetative growth. The elongation growth of runners (a) and petioles (b), respectively. LD-grown plants were treated with 50 mg l-1 Pro-Ca or with water (control) and moved to daylengths of 14 or 18 h (n = 10). The youngest petiole and runner were marked at the beginning of the treatments, and their lengths were measured three times per week. Petiole growth was measured until the termination of elongation and runner growth until the formation of the first daughter plant. c: Effect of Pro-Ca and GA3 on the number of branch crowns and runners in LD (18 h). The foliar application of 50 mg l-1 Pro-Ca or water (control) was performed at the beginning of the experiment. For half of the plants, 25 μg of GA3 in 5 μl of 70% ethanol was applied twice, one and two weeks after Pro-Ca treatment, to the tip of the youngest leaf, and control plants were treated similarly with 70% ethanol. The number of branch crowns and runners were counted 10 weeks after the ProCa/water treatments (mean of 10 plants ± SE).

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