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Table 2 17 mutations are identified in 192 TILLING lines in ABD6-9 after Mutation Surveyor® analysis of sequence traces and confirmation by HRM analysis.

From: Simultaneous mutation detection of three homoeologous genes in wheat by High Resolution Melting analysis and Mutation Surveyor®

No Sample Mutation Surveyor report Position in ABD6-9 Position in Gene (SSII-A) Codon change Amino acid change Mutation type
1 3D7 (16)C>CT$7* C34T C5999T cac/tac H501Y missense
2 1D3 (25)C>CT$10 C43T C6008T ctg/ttg L504L silent
3 3F10 (65)C>CT$7 C83T C6048T gcc/gtc A517V missense
4 1C8 (85)G>AG$7 G103A G6068A gac/aac D524N missense
5 1F10 (115)C>CT$7 C133T C6098T ctg/ttg L534L silent
6 1D8 (129)G>AG$7 G147A G6112A aag/aaa K538K silent
7 3E5 (129)G>AG$7 G147A G6112A aag/aaa K538K silent
8 3A8 (148)G>AG$7 G166A G6131A ggg/agg G545R missense
9 1D9 (151)C>CT$28 C169T C6134T ctt/ttt L546F missense
10 3A4 (159)C>CT$11 C177T C6142T gac/gat D548D silent
11 3H9 (187)C>CT$7 C205T C6170T cgc/tgc R558C missense
12 1D5 (300)G>AG$7 G318A G6283A cgg/cga R595R silent
13 3D8 (306)C>CT$7 C324T C6289T tgc/tgt C597C silent
14 3F6 (342)C>CT$7 C360T C6325T gtc/gtt V609V silent
15 1B2 (361)C>CT$13 C379T C6344T ctc/ttc L616F missense
16 3B7 (365)G>AG$7 G383A G6348A ggc/gac G617D missense
17 1E4 (387)G>AG$7 G405A G6370A ggg/gga G624G silent
  1. *The reverse trace of this mutation had a score of 46.