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Table 1 The mutation report of Mutation Surveyor® after sequence trace analysis of mutant/non-mutant mixed samples.

From: Simultaneous mutation detection of three homoeologous genes in wheat by High Resolution Melting analysis and Mutation Surveyor®

Mutant allele in pooled DNA Sample File Reference File Direction Mutation * Score
1/2 B11F_D01.ab1 Q7D3_F_G08.ab1 Forward (352)G>GA$20 20
1/2 B11R_C01.ab1 Q7D3_R_G09.ab1 Reverse (392)G>GA$43 43
1/4 B21F_D02.ab1 Q7D3_F_G08.ab1 Forward (352)G>GA$9 9
1/4 B21R_C02.ab1 Q7D3_R_G09.ab1 Reverse (392)G>GA$16 16
1/6 B31F_D03.ab1 Q7D3_F_G08.ab1 Forward (352)G>AG$7 7
1/6 B31R_C03.ab1 Q7D3_R_G09.ab1 Reverse (392)G>AG$7 7
1/8 B41F_D04.ab1 Q7D3_F_G08.ab1 Forward (352)G>AG$7 7
1/8 B41R_C04.ab1 Q7D3_R_G09.ab1 Reverse (392)G>AG$7 7
1/10 B51F_D05.ab1 Q7D3_F_G08.ab1 Forward (352)G>AG$7 7
1/10 B51R_C05.ab1 Q7D3_R_G09.ab1 Reverse (392)G>AG$7 7
1/12 B61F_D06.ab1 Q7D3_F_G08.ab1 Forward n.a. n.a.
1/12 B61R_C06.ab1 Q7D3_R_G09.ab1 Reverse n.a. n.a.
  1. *Mutation report indicates the position (in brackets), the base change (G>GA) and the score (the number after the $ sign).