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Table 3 Number of sequences per species collected from different web sources.

From: SolEST database: a "one-stop shop" approach to the study of Solanaceae transcriptomes

SOLLC 46849 48945 34829
SOLPN   3718  
SOLHA   4024  
SOLTU ? 70344 31072
SOLCH   7110  
TOBAC 83083 114188 84602
NICBE 16127 18037 16024
NICSY   7612 6300
NICLS   6791  
CAPAN 14249 15278 9554
PETHY 8729 9884 5135
COFCA 17632 20168 15721
COFAR   1093  
  1. Source: SOLLC: S. lycopersicum; SOLPN: S. pennellii; SOLHA: S. habrochaites; SOLLP: S. lycopersicum × S. pimpinellifolium; SOLTU: S. tuberosum; SOLCH: S. chacoense; TOBAC: N. tabacum; NICBE: N. benthamiana; NICSY: N. sylvestris; NICAT: N. attenuata; NICLS: N. langsdorffii × N. sanderae; CAPAN: C. annuum; CAPCH: C. chinense; PETHY: Petunia × hybrida; COFCA: C. canephora; COFAR: C. arabica.CAB: Computer Aided Bioscience group collection; DFCI: The DFCI Gene Index Project; PGDB: PlantGDB; SGN: The unigene collection at Solanaceae Genomics Network '?' indicates that the corresponding sequence file was corrupted at the time of the analysis.