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Figure 3

From: Dominance induction of fruitlet shedding in Malus × domestica (L. Borkh): molecular changes associated with polar auxin transport

Figure 3

Expression study in different organs of MalusXdomestica. Description: Expression analysis in different tissues and at different developmental stages performed by RT-PCR. Root (R), cotyledon (C) and hypocotyl (Hy) were collected from seedlings after 4 days of de-etiolation or left in the dark. Seed (S) and cortex (K) excised from fruit (Fr) at commercial harvest. Flowers (Fl) collected at full bloom and senescing un-pollinated flowers (SFl) were those not pollinated. Leaves were divided in mature fully expanded leaf (L), senescing leaf (SL) and shoot (leaflet and stem) (Sh). Fruitlets (Frl) were collected at 7 days APF and seed (S), peduncle (P) and cortex (K) dissected.

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