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Figure 2

From: Dominance induction of fruitlet shedding in Malus × domestica (L. Borkh): molecular changes associated with polar auxin transport

Figure 2

AUX Phylogenetic tree. Phylogenetic study of the AUX and AUX-Like isolated in this study (Malus × domestica (Md)) with those of Arabidopsis thaliana (At), Medicago truncatula (Mt), and Populus tremula × Populus tremuloides (Ptt). (MdLAX1, EF406263; MdLAX2, EF406264; MdLAX3, EF406262; AtAUX1, NP_565882; AtLAX1, NP_195744, NP_974719; AtLAX2, NP_179701; AtLAX3, NP_177892; MtLAX1, Q9FEL8; MtLAX2, Q9FEL7; MtLAX3, Q9FEL6; MtLAX4, Q8L884; MtLAX5, Q8L883; PttLAX1, AAF21982; PttLAX2, AAG17171; PttLAX3, AAK58522). Bootstrap values are reported.

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