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Figure 1

From: Dominance induction of fruitlet shedding in Malus × domestica (L. Borkh): molecular changes associated with polar auxin transport

Figure 1

PIN Phylogenetic tree. Phylogenetic study of the PIN isolated in this study (Malus × domestica (Md)) with those of Arabidopsis thaliana (At), Medicago truncatula (Mt), and Populus tremula × Populus tremuloides (Ptt). (MdPIN1_A, EF406255; MdPIN1_B, EF406256; MdPIN4, EF406257; MdPIN7_A, EF406258; MdPIN7_B, EF406259; MdPIN10_A, EF406260; MdPIN10_B, EF406261; AtPIN1, NP_177500; AF089085; AtPIN2, NP_568848; AtPIN3, NP_177250; AtPIN4, NP_565261, NP_849923; AtPIN5, NP_197157; AtPIN6, NP_177836; AtPIN7, NP_564189, NP_849700, NP_001077584; AtPIN8, NP_197014; MtPIN1, AAM55297; MtPIN2, AAM55298; MtPIN3, AAM55299; MtPIN4, AAM55300; MtPIN5, AAM55301; MtPIN6, AAT48627; MtPIN7, AAT48628; MtPIN8, DAA05219; MtPIN9, AAT48629; MtPIN10, AAT48630; PttPIN1, AAG17172; PttPIN2, AAM54033; PttPIN3, AAM54034). Bootstrap values are reported.

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