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Table 1 Sub-cellular distribution of AtKinesin-13A in root-cap cells of Arabidopsis (mean ± SD) (N = 15).

From: AtKinesin-13A is located on Golgi-associated vesicle and involved in vesicle formation/budding in Arabidopsis root-cap peripheral cells

Golgi-associated vesicles (%) Other vesicles (%) Non-vesicles (%)
55.6 ± 1.6 20 ± 1.2 24.4 ± 2.1
  1. Note: number represented the percentages (mean ± SD) of the total labeling in distinct locations in root-cap cells of Arabidopsis.
  2. N: the number of cells analyzed. Golgi-associated vesicles: the vesicles around Golgi stacks. Other vesicles: the vesicles beyond Golgi stacks. Non-vesicles: cytoplasmic labeling not associated with vesicles or Golgi vesicles.