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Table 1 List of 200 L. sativa accessions used in the association mapping study.

From: Association mapping and marker-assisted selection of the lettuce dieback resistance gene Tvr1

Horticultural Type Resistant Susceptible
Batavia AvonCrisp, Batavia Beaujolais, Drumhead White Cabbage, Express, Great Lakes 54, Imperial, La Brillante, River Green Batavia Blonde A Bord Rouge, Batavia Blonde de Paris, Batavia Reine des Glaces, Carnival, Fortessa, Hanson, Holborn's Standard, Iceberg, New York, Progress, Tahoe Red, Webb's Wonderful
Butterhead Bibb, Cobham Green, Dark Green Boston, Margarita, Tania, Verpia Ancora, Dandie, Encore, Lednicky, Madrilene, MayKing, Ninja, Saffier, Tinto, Tom Thumb
Iceberg Astral, Autumn Gold, Ballade, Barcelona, Bix, Black Velvet, Bounty, Bronco, Bullseye, Calmar, Climax, Coyote, Diamond, Duchesse, Eastern Lakes, Empire, Fimba, Formidana, Glacier, Green Lightening, IceCube, Invader, Lighthouse, Mini Green, Misty Day, Monument, Pacific, Primus, Raiders, Red Coach, Salinas, Salinas 88, Sea Green, Sharp Shooter, Sniper, Sureshot, Tiber, Vanguard, Winterhaven, Winterselect, Wolverine  
Latin   Barnwood Gem, Eruption, Gallega, Little Gem, Pavane, Sucrine
Leaf Alpine, Cracoviensis, Grand Rapids, PI177418, Pybas Green, Ruby Ruffles, Salad Bowl, Shining Star, Slobolt, Two Star, Waldmann's Green Australian, Cavarly, Coastal Star BS, Colorado, Deep red, Deer's Tongue, Flame, Lolla Rossa, Merlot, North Star, Oak Leaf, Prizehead, Red Oak Leaf, Red Salad Bowl, Red Tide, Redina, Royal Red, Ruby, Squadron, Triple Red, Ventana, Vulcan, Xena
Oil PI250020, PI251245  
Romaine 01-778M, 01-781M, 01-789M, Athena, Bandit, Blonde Lente a Monter, Defender, PI171666, PI491209, PI491214, PI491224, Skyway, Sturgis, Sx08-003, Sx08-004, Sx08-005, Sx08-006, Sx08-007, Sx08-008, Triple Threat Annapolis, Apache, Ballon, Bautista, Brave Heart, Caesar, Camino Real, Chicon des Charentes, Clemente, Coastal Star WS, Conquistador, Dark Green Cos, Darkland, Eiffel Tower, Gladiator, Gorilla, Green Forest, Green Towers, Heart's Delight, Infantry, King Henry, Larga Rubia, Lobjoits, Majestic Red, Medallion, Outback, Paris White, Parris Island Cos, PI140395, PI169510, PI177426, PI179297, PI220665, PI268405, PI269503, PI269504, PI289064, PI358027, PI370473, PI420389, Queen of Hearts, Reuben's Red, Romaine Chicon, Rouge d'Hiver, Short Guzmaine, Signal, Tall Guzmaine, Triton, Ultegra, Valcos, Valmaine, Wayahead, White Paris
Stem Balady Bahera, Balady Banha, Balady Barrage, Celtuce, Chima Balady Aswan, Balady Cairo, PI207490
  1. Accessions that were sequenced are in bold; the remaining accessions were analyzed with the HRM approach only.