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Table 8 Group conservation of small and weakly polar residues at the helix-helix interface of PtMIPs and all XIPs

From: Genome-wide analysis of major intrinsic proteins in the tree plant Populus trichocarpa: Characterization of XIP subfamily of aquaporins from evolutionary perspective

Residuea All PtMIPsb, c Dicot XIPsc Fungi XIPsc
T48 T(91), S, A (95) T(86), S (100) T(44), S (67)
T55 G(45), T(25), S, A (80) T (5) S(33), T, A (67)
A78 A(69), S, C, T (91) S(73), A (82) G(100) (100)
G82 G(51), A(41) (91) A(73), S (77) ---
A103 A(76), S, T (87) T, A (23) T(44), A (56)
G107 G(58), A(25), S, T (98) A(50), S(32) (82) A(78), S (100)
G129 G(87), A (100) G(100) (100) G(100) (100)
A130 S(56), A(33), G, T (100) A(50), G(45), S (100) G(89), A (100)
G133 A(55), G(45) (100) G(91), A (100) A(89), G (100)
T172 T(82), G, S, A (100) T(55), S(27), A (100) S(33), T, A, C (89)
S181 A(42), S(27), G, T (84) T, S (23) G(100) (100)
G203 G(87), A, S (100) G(82), A (100) G(100) (100)
S226 S(60), A, C, T (93) C(100) (100) C(100) (100)
G248 G(73), A, C, S (98) G(95) (95) G(44), A(33), S (100)
G252 G(87), A (98) A(77), S, G (91) A(56), G (78)
A253 A(60), G, C, S, T (98) C(82), S, G (95) G(33), C, T, A, S (89)
A256 A(71), G (87) --- ---
  1. aResidue numbers correspond to that of spinach aquaporin SoPIP2;1 (PDB ID: 1Z98)
  2. bGroup-based conservation is reported for all the five populus MIP subfamilies based on structure-based sequence alignment of 55 Populus MIPs
  3. cSmall and weakly polar interfacial residues in Populus MIP sequences and their conservation (if it exceeds 25%) are given. If the conservation is less than 25%, only the residues are given. For each position, group conservation of all the five residues (Gly, Ser, Thr, Ala and Cys) is shown in bold and italics.