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Table 5 Ar/R selectivity filters of Populus PIP, TIP, NIP and SIP members

From: Genome-wide analysis of major intrinsic proteins in the tree plant Populus trichocarpa: Characterization of XIP subfamily of aquaporins from evolutionary perspective

MIP Membersa H2 H5 LE1 LE2
PIP family     
PtPIP1;1 to PtPIP1;5 PtPIP2;1 to PtPIP2;9 F H T R
PtPIP2;10 N H T R
TIP family     
PtTIP1;1 to PtTIP1;8 H I A V
PtTIP2;1 to PtTIP2;4 H I G R
PtTIP3;1, PtTIP3;2, PtTIP4;1 H I A R
PtTIP5;1, PtTIP5;2 N V G C
NIP family     
PtNIP1;1 to PtNIP1;4 W V A R
PtNIP1;5 W A A R
PtNIP2;1 G S G R
PtNIP3;1 to PtNIP3;5 S/T/A I/V G/A R
SIP family     
PtSIP1;1 I V P F
PtSIP1;2, PtSIP1;3, PtSIP1;4 V/A V P N
PtSIP2;1, PtSIP2;2 T/S H G S
  1. aPtMIP members and the corresponding selectivity filter residues are shown in italics if the ar/R selectivity filter is not found in Arabidopsis, rice or maize.