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Table 4 Average pairwise sequence identities (in percentage) of XIP subfamilies from different organism groups

From: Genome-wide analysis of major intrinsic proteins in the tree plant Populus trichocarpa: Characterization of XIP subfamily of aquaporins from evolutionary perspective

  Dicot XIP1s (18)a Dicot XIP2s (4)a Moss XIPs (3)a Fungi XIPs (9)a Protozoa (1)a
Dicot XIP1s 70.6     
Dicot XIP2s 39.9 69.5    
mossXIPs 34.3 32.0 33.9   
Fungi XIPs 32.0 27.1 30.1 47.2  
Protozoa 32.3 29.1 27.8 27.8  
  1. aThe number of sequences under each group is given in brackets.