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Table 3 Summary of selected SBE mutations.

From: A modified TILLING approach to detect induced mutations in tetraploid and hexaploid wheat

Gene Pop. Genome Line Nucleotide Change Amino Acid Change PSSM SIFT
SBEIIa A T6-360 G 799 A E 232 K 16.1 0.00
   A T6-726 G 385 A G 211 S 18.5 0.00
   A T6-110 C 964 T S 259 F 19.4 0.00
   B T6-111 G 860 A Splice Junction ---a ---
   D T6-630 G 850 A Splice Junction --- ---
  A T4-2179 G 401 A W 216 * --- ---
   B T4-1214 G 1347 A Splice Junction --- ---
SBEIIb A T4-385 G 1281 A Splice Junction --- ---
   A T4-1344 G 1121 A Splice Junction --- ---
   A T4-2574 G 308 A Splice Junction --- ---
   B T4-508 C 1290 T P 283 L 19.5 0.01
  1. a PSSM and SIFT scores are not reported for mutations that cause premature stop codons or splice junction mutations
  2. In the nucleotide change column, the position is relative to the forward primer used for the specific target since we do not have the complete genomic sequence for all SBE genes. In the amino acid change column, the position is relative to the start methionine based on the predicted amino acid sequence of the Ae. tauschii sequence [SBEIIa: GenBank AF338431, SBEIIb: GenBank AY740398].