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Table 4 Measurements of histological sections of the anthers, ovaries, styles and stigmas of haploid and diploid plants of 'Clemenules'.

From: Recovery and characterization of a Citrus clementinaHort. ex Tan. 'Clemenules' haploid plant selected to establish the reference whole Citrus genome sequence

  Haploid G Diploid 'Clemenules'
Width (μm) 324.9a 777.9b
Height (μm) 181.4a 504.1b
% anthers with developed locules 23.8a 100b
% anthers locules with pollen grains 4.7a 100b
Diameter (μm) 702.2a 1428.7b
N° of locules per ovary 8a 10b
N° of ovules per section 6.6a 15.2b
Diameter (μm) 440.6a 938.1b
Diameter (μm) 591.1a 1496.4b
  1. Different letters in the same line indicate statistical differences at a significance level below 0.0001.