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Table 3 Measurements of leaves of haploid, diploid, double haploid and aneuploid plants of 'Clemenules'.

From: Recovery and characterization of a Citrus clementinaHort. ex Tan. 'Clemenules' haploid plant selected to establish the reference whole Citrus genome sequence

Genotype Ploidy Average leaf area (cm2) Average leaf width (cm) Average leaf length (cm)
Clemenules Diploid 19.4c 3.3e 10.3e
B.1 Aneuploid 4.0b 1.4c 4.4c
C.1 Double haploid 25.9d 5.3f 7.2d
A.1 Haploid 2.1a 1.1a 3.2b
G Haploid 3.0ab 1.1a 4.6c
D.1 Haploid 2.6a 1.2ab 3.8b
E Haploid 2.9a 2.0d 2.3a
F Haploid 2.3a 1.4bc 2.5a
  1. Different letters in the same column indicate statistical differences at a significance level below 0.0001.