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Figure 4

From: Transferability and polymorphism of barley EST-SSR markers used for phylogenetic analysis in Hordeum chilense

Figure 4

Consensus tree of species reconstructed from 1000 NJ trees obtained from data resampled in a set of 13 EST-SSR markers. The accession codes are: Hc1 and Hc7, H. chilense; Hm71, H. murinum; Betzes and Barke, H. vulgare; T20-A, T20-B and T20-D, T. aestivum A- B- and D-genomes; T21-A, T21-B and T21-D, T. aestivum cv. 'Chinese Spring' A- B- and D-genomes; T22-A and T22-B, T. durum A- and B-genomes; T81-A and T81-B, T. durum cv. 'Yavaros'; T485 and T486, T. urartu; T6, T. tauschii; Bd1 and Bd6, B. distachyon. The numbers at the nodes indicate the percentage number of 1.000 bootstrap replications.

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