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Table 1 Length, Genbank accession numbers and chromosome locations for F3H nucleotide sequences determined in the present study.

From: Relationship between homoeologous regulatory and structural genes in allopolyploid genome – A case study in bread wheat

Species, gene Length in base pairs (gene segment specification according Figure 1) Genbank accession number Identical wheat ESTs* Chromosome location
T. aestivum, F3H1 1852, complete structural part of gene (Segments 1+2+3+4) EF463100 BG262227 2A
T. aestivum, F3H2 1374, complete structural part of gene (Segments 1+4+5) DQ233636 BJ237068 BJ242608 2D
T. aestivum, F3H3 1626, partial (Segments 2+3+4) EU402957 BQ240612 BG262749 CA705431 2B
T. aestivum, F3H4 562, partial (Segment 2) EU402958 BE414777 2B
T. timopheevii, F3H1 t 542, partial (Segment 3) EU402959 BG262227 2A
T. timopheevii, F3H2 t 539, partial (Segment 3) EU402960 - 2G
T. urartu, F3H 542, partial (Segment 3) EU402961 BG262227 Suggested 2A
Ae. speltoides, F3H 542, partial (Segment 3) EU402963 - Suggested 2S
Ae. tauschii, F3H 1326, partial (Segment 5) DQ233637 BJ237068 BJ242608 Suggested 2D
  1. *Correspondence between F3H copies and ESTs was first determined based on identity at gene copy-specific sights, and then was confirmed by whole sequences comparison (see Figure 10).