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Table 1 List of genes found in C. japonica chloroplast genome (see Figure 1)

From: Complete nucleotide sequence of the Cryptomeria japonicaD. Don. chloroplast genome and comparative chloroplast genomics: diversified genomic structure of coniferous species

Category for genes Group of gene Name of gene
Self replication Ribosomal RNA genes rrn 16 rrn 23 rrn 5 rrn 4.5   
  Transfer RNA genes trn A-UGC * trn C-GCA trn D-GUC trn E-UUC trn F-GAA trnf M-CAU
   trn G-GCC trn G-UCC * trn H-GUG trn I-CAU × 2 trn I-GAU * trn K-UUU *
   trn L-CAA trn L-UAA * trn L-UAG trn M-CAU trn N-GUU trn P-GGG
   trn P-UGG trn Q-UUG × 2 trn R-ACG trn R-UCU trn S-GCU trn S-UGA
   trn S-GGA trn T-UGU trn V-GAC trn V-UAC * trn W-CCA trn Y-GUA
  Small subunit of ribosome rps 2 rps 3 rps 4 rps 7 rps 8 rps 11
   rps 12* rps 14 rps 15 rps 16 * rps 18 rps 19
  Large subunit of ribosome rpl 2 * rpl 14 rpl 16 * rpl 20 rpl 22 rpl 23
   rpl 32 rpl 33 rpl 36    
  DNA dependent RNA polymerase rpo A rpo B rpo C1 * rpo C2   
  Translational initiation factor inf A      
Genes for photosynthesis Subunits of photosystem I psa A psa B psa C psa I psa J psa M
  Subunits of photosystem II psb A psb B psb C psb D psb E psb F
   psb H psb I psb J psb K psb L psb M
   psb N psb T psbZ    
  Subunits of Cytochrome pet A pet B * pet D * pet G pet L petN
  Subunits of ATP synthase atp A atp B atp E atp F * atp H atp I
  Large subunit of Rubisco rbc L      
  Chlorophyll biosynthesis chl B chl N chl L    
  Subunits of NADH dehydrogenase ndh A* ndh B * ndh C ndh D ndh E ndh F
   ndh G ndh H ndh I ndh J ndh K  
Other genes Maturase mat K      
  Envelop membrane protein cemA      
  Subunit of Acetyl-CoA-carboxylase accD      
  c-type cytochrome synthesis gene ccsA      
Genes of Unknown function Conserved Open Reading Frames ycf 1 ycf 2 ycf 3 * ycf 4   
Pseudogenes Pseudogene Pseudo-clpP Pseudo-trn T-GGU   Pseudo-ycf 68   
  1. * Genes containing introns.