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Table 4 Description of the sunflower inbred lines used for SNPs and indels screening

From: Identification of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and analysis of Linkage Disequilibrium in sunflower elite inbred lines using the candidate gene approach

Inbred line Pedigree Location of breeding reselection Features
H52 Putatively Romanian germplasma South Africa Oilseed maintainer
HA61 "953-88-3"/"Armavirski 3497" U.S.A. Oilseed maintainer
HA89 "Vniimk 8931" U.S.A. Oilseed maintainer
HA292 "Commander"*3/"Mennonite RR"b U.S.A. Non-oilseed maintainer
HA303 "Voshod" U.S.A. Oilseed maintainer
HA369 "Teguá INTA" (Arg. 8018) Argentine Oilseed maintainer
HA370 "RK-74-198" South Africa Oilseed maintainer
HA821 "HA 300" (derived from "Peredovik 301") U.S.A. Oilseed maintainer
HAR2 "Impira INTA" Selection 5 Argentine Oilseed maintainer
HAR3 "Charata INTA"cselection Argentine Oilseed maintainer
HAR5 "Guayacán INTA"dselection Argentine Oilseed maintainer
KLM280 "KLM"eselection Argentine Oilseed maintainer
PAC2 H. petiolaris × HA61 France Stem-head rot resistance
RHA266 Wild H. annuus × Peredovik U.S.A Downy mildew resistance
RHA274 ("cmsPI343765"/"Ha119"/"Ha64-4-5")/T66006-2f U.S.A. Oilseed restorer
RHA293 "HA155"/"HIR34"/2/"RHA282" U.S.A. Non-oilseed restorer
RHA374 "Arg-R43" U.S.A. Oilseed restorer
RHA801 Multiple source R-line population U.S.A Fertility restorer line
V94 g "Mp543"* h./H. Argophyllus Argentine Oilseed maintainer
  1. a"HA52" is an accession putatively originating from Romanian germplasm bred in Potchestfrom, Transvaal, South Africa.
  2. bThird generation backcross of "Mennonite RR" to "Commander".
  3. c"Charata INTA" was obtained by interspecific crossings with wild germplasm belonging to species H. annuus subsp. annuus and H. petiolaris.
  4. d"Guayacán INTA" derived from a cross between the Argentine variety Klein and "CM953-102" and backcrossed once again with "Klein".
  5. e"KLM" is a multiple cross between cultivars Klein × Local (a pool of local varieties of INTA Pergamino breeding program including "Guayacán INTA", "Charata INTA") × "Manfredi" (a pool of varieties from INTA Manfredi breeding program including "Impira INTA", "Cordobés INTA", "Manfredi INTA").
  6. fT66006-2 comes from Peredovik*2/953-102-1-1-41.
  7. g"V94" is another Argentine selection of a cross between cultivated sunflower ("MP543") and wild species (H. argophyllus), "MP543" derives from "MPRR" (mezcla precoz resistente a roya: pool of early material resistant to sunflower rust), which also derives from wide crossings with Helianthus wild species.