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Table 2 Gene and EST-based markers mapped in Prunus and Fragaria.

From: Synteny conservation between two distantly-related Rosaceae genomes: Prunus (the stone fruits) and Fragaria(the strawberry)

  Prunus Fragaria TBLASTX
Locus Accession number LGa cMb Accession number LGa cMb E-valuec Swissprot-homologyd Markere
EFvVB2119 BU048565 PG1 4.3 CX662119 FG6 22.5–43.2 5,00E-49 small GTP binding protein SNP
EFvVB2179 BU046414 PG1 4.3 CX662179 FG4 0.0–26.0 2,00E-78 Aldoketo-reductase SNP
EFvNH8894 BU042720 PG1 40.5 DV438894 FG2 53.9–73.8 3.00E-84 auxin-induced protein (Aux22) SNP
EFaUF6868 BU046817 PG1 48.0 CO816868 FG2 53.9–73.8 1.00E-109 20S proteasome alpha 6 subunit Indel
EFaTR1976 BU039761 PG1 48.6 CO381976 FG2 53.9–73.8 2.00E-88 Mannan endo-1.4-Beta-Mannosidase SNP
EKO AF495728 PG1 35.7–49.8 AY462247 FG2 28.9 8.00E-155 Ent-kaurene oxidase Indel
DFR AB095030 PG1 35.7–49.8 AY575057 FG2 70.5 2.00E-106 dihydroflavonol reductase Indel
EFvVB1231 BU046687 PG1 41.3 CX661231 FG4 26.0–46.1 5.00E-17 RAD23-like SNP
EPpCU7308 BU047308 PG1 75.2 - FG2 26.7–45.8 5.00E-27 electron carrier/iron ion binding Indel
EPpCU9642 BU039642 PG1 40.5 - FG2 0.0–26.7 4.00E-72 ACT domain-containing protein Indel
EFaUF7699 BU040484 PG2 7.9 CO817699 FG4 0.0–26.0 1.00E-102 Luminal Binding Protein BiP Indel
EFaUF7084 BU046792 PG2 24.3 CO817084 FG7 63.4–81.0 3.00E-96 40 S ribosomal protein SNP
EPpCU2875 BU042875 PG2 25.0 - FG7 20.3 4.00E-132 RNA helicase Indel
EFvNH8484 BU041902 PG2 39.4 DV438484 FG7 27.0–38.6 5.00E-105 GTP-Binding protein SNP
EPpCU9223 BU039223 PG2 39.4 DY672045 FG7 44.5 1.00E-48 6-phosphofructokinase Indel
ACO AF129073 PG3 35.0 AY706156 FG6 83.1 1.00E-165 ACC oxydase SSR
EFvVB2013 BU039972 PG5 0.0 CX662013 FG5 50.4–72.5 6.00E-83 Pectinacetylesterase precursor Indel
ANS AB097216 PG5 15.2–21.0 AY695818 FG5 9.7 4.00E-143 Anthocyanidin shynthase Indel
CEL-2 AJ890498 PG5 21.7–40.7 AF054615 FG5 29.2 0.0 endo-beta-1,4-glucanase Indel
AMPA112 AY377916 PG5 4.1 - FG5 64.5 - -- SSR
EFvNH9852 BU040757 PG6 6.4 DV439852 FG7 27.0–38.6 1.00E-137 60S Ribosomal Protein L10 SNP
EPpCU9257 BU039257 PG6 17.5 - FG7 24.9 7.00E-109 phosphoglucomutase precursor Indel
EPpCU1785 BU041785 PG6 79.6 DY669394 FG1 45.2–47.9 1.00E-12 SNF4 (Sucrose NonFermenting 4) SNP
EPpCU1830 BU041830 PG6 79.6 CX661290 FG6 14.1 1.00E-132 26s proteasome aaa-atpase subunit rpt5a Indel
APX EE488129 PG6 4.1–24.9 AF158654 FG3 49.5 4.00E-102 L-ascorbate peroxidase Indel
EFaUF7248 BU043308 PG7 10.3 CO817248 FG2 53.9–73.8 1.00E-97 Methionine synthase Indel
EFvVB1923 BU039764 PG7 29.6 CX661923 FG6 56.5–68.1 2.00E-73 Enolase SNP
EPpCU9910 BU039910 PG7 64.7 - FG1 8.3 1.00E-62 putative ethanolamine kinase 1 Indel
F3H AB097151 PG7 42.5–47.8 AB201760 FG1 40.6 2.00E-178 flavanone 3-hydroxylase Indel
PES X95991 PG7 49–56.1 AY324809 FG1 33.7 0.0 Pectinesterase Indel
ADH BU573880 PG8 0.0–10.9 X15588 FG2 17.9 4.00E-101 alcohol dehydrogenase SNP
  1. Gene or EST-based and SSR markers mapped in the Prunus and Fragaria genomes, with their accession numbers, map positions and homology with known proteins of other species.
  2. a LG = linkage group
  3. b Map position: If the marker was bin-mapped, the interval covered by the bin where the marker is located
  4. c E-value at NCBI database restricted to plant sequences
  5. d Predicted function
  6. e Marker type detected