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Table 7 Plant materials used for validation and testing inter-specific/inter-generic transferability of new SSR markers

From: Development of new genomic microsatellite markers from robusta coffee (Coffea canephoraPierre ex A. Froehner) showing broad cross-species transferability and utility in genetic studies

   I. Elite coffee genotypes used for genetic diversity in the cultivated genepool
S.N. Name of genotype Pedigree/source
1 Taferikela C. arabica; Pureline from Ethiopian collections
2 HdeT C. arabica; Amphidiploid coffee, a natural hybrid from C. arabica and C. canephora
3 S2790 C. arabica; HdeT × Tafarikela, selection
4 S2792 C. arabica; Tafarikela × HdeT, selection
5 S10 C. arabica; Double Cross Hybrid; Caturra with Cioccie and S.795 (both arabica)
6 S11 C. arabica; Amphidiploid, C. liberica × C. eugenioides
7 BM C. arabica; Blue Mountain Pure line
8 Agaro-Sln4 C. arabica; Pureline from Ethiopian collections
9 Kagganahalla C. canephora; Selection
10 BR9 C. canephora; Selection
11 BR11 C. canephora; Selection
12 CXR C. canephora; Hybrid of C. congenis × C. canephora
13 L1Valley C. canephora; Selection
14 S3329 C. canephora; Selection
15 S3334 C. canephora; Selection
16 Sln27 C. canephora; Pure line
   II. Parents and mapping population used for testing utility in mapping analysis
   Parents: CXR (12) and Kagganahalla (9); Mapping population: 175 segregating progenies
   III. Species of Coffea and Psilanthus (related taxa of cultivated coffee) used for transferability studies
a C. congensis Erythrocoffea (W. & C. Africa)
b C. excelsa Pachycoffea (Srilanka)
c C. liberica Pachycoffea (W. & C. Africa)
d C. abeokuteae Pachycoffea (Srilanka)
e C. dewevrei Pachycoffea (USDA)
f C. arnoldiana Pachycoffea (SanMarino)
g C. aruwemiensis Pachycoffea (SanMarino)
h C. eugenioides Mozambicoffea (C. Africa)
i C. racemosa Mozambicoffea (E. Africa)
j C. salvatrix Mozambicoffea (E. Africa)
k C. kapakata Mozambicoffea (C. Africa)
l C. stenophylla Melanocoffea (W. Africa)
m P. wightiana Paracoffea (India)
n P. bengalenis Paracoffea (India)