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Table 4 Residue histograms for NLPs and ABPs.

From: Cupin: A candidate molecular structure for the Nep1-like protein family

Position 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165
Type I NLPs a41s41c18 a48p30y7l4m4t4v4 s96n4 a52g26q11-7y4 h92a4y4 g70s26n4 g52k15d11 s11n4r4t4 y52w26f7 h7v7
Type II NLPs s60a33g7 t33a27p13w13y13 s80t20 a47c13n13q13e7k7 h 100 g80k7r7s7 d33g20k20s13t13 y53f20l13v13
Dicot ABPs a41l36s16 t6 a38s31p31 e38s31n25 s53t47 h 100 g44a16s16 l13e13 k53s25e9 t6n13 f44y25t19s9h3
Monocot ABPs l89m11 g 100 s 100 s78t22 s 100 l56m44 k89p11 y 100
  1. Residue histograms for the 27 type I and 15 type II NLPs, 32 dicot ABP sequences and 9 monocot ABP sequences. Each column represents possible residues at that position. Values are given as percentage of these numbers. x means any other residue.