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Table 2 Analyzed NLP sequences.

From: Cupin: A candidate molecular structure for the Nep1-like protein family

  Plant pathogens organism GenBank accession number (NLP type)
Bacteria Enwinia carotovora atroseptica CAG75986••II (NipEca) [1 0]
Fungi Fusarium oxysporum AAC97382•• (NEP1) [11] [12]
  Magnaporthe grisea EDK02987II, EDJ98732II, EDJ96934 and EDJ94825 [13]
  Verticillium dahliae AAS45247•• (His_VdNEP) [14]
  Botrytis elliptica CAJ98683•• (BeNEPl) and CAJ98684 (BeNEP2) [15]
  Botrytis tulipae ABB43261
  Botrytis fabae ABB43270
  Gibberella zeae XP 386193, XP 383570II, XP 387963II and XP 391669II [16]
  Moniliophthora pemiciosa ABQ53551•• (Mp NEP1) and ABO32369•• (Mp NEP2) [5]
Oomycetes Phytophthora infestans AAY43363•• (NPP1), AAY43377° (NPP1.2) and AAY43378° (NPP1.3) [17]
  Phytophthora megakarya AAX12401 and AAX12403 [18]
  Phytophthora parasitica AAK19753•• [6]
  Phytophthora sojae AAM48170•• (PsojNIP), AAM48171 and AAM48172 [19]
  Pythium aphanidermatum AAD53944•• (PaNie234) [20]
  Other organisms GenBank accession number (NLP type)
Bacteria Bacillus halodurans_ BAB04114 [19]
  Bacillus licheniformis AAU23136
  Vibrio pommerensis CAC40975•II (causes hemolysis) [21]
  Streptomyces ambofaciens CAJ89765II
  Streptomyces coelicolor CAB92890•II [19]
  Streptomyces griseus BAF36639II
  Streptomyces tsusimaensis ABA59542II
  Saccharopolyspora erythraea YP 001105122II
Fungi Aspergillus fumigatus EAL86241 and EAL86501II
  Aspergillus nidulans EAA62936
  Aspergillus niger CAK46514
  Aspergillus oryzae BAE63220
  Aspergillus terreus EAU39525II
  Neurospora crassa CAF05864II
  1. Analyzed NLP sequences. Type II NLPs (15 sequences) are signed with the II symbol. NLPs signed with a single filled circle and with double filled circles•• cause a weak and a strong necrosis respectively. An empty circle° signs NLPs reported not to cause necrosis.