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Table 1 Internet resources referred to in this manuscript

From: An extensive (co-)expression analysis tool for the cytochrome P450 superfamily in Arabidopsis thaliana

Name used Full name Uniform resource locator (URL)
P450 resources
   Nelson Cytochrome P450 homepage
   Schuler Functional genomics of Arabidopsis P450s
   PlaCe Arabidopsis cytochrome P450
   Krochko P450s in plants
General gene information resources
   TAIR The Arabidopsis information resource
   MAtDB MIPS Arabidopsis thaliana database
   TIGR Arabidopsis thaliana genome project
   SIGnAL T-DNA express: Arabidopsis gene mapping tool
Expression data resources
   Genevestigator Arabidopsis thaliana microarray database and analysis toolbox
   BAR The bio-array resource for Arabidopsis functional genomics
   PRIMe Platform for RIKEN metabolomics
   ATTED II Arabidopsis thaliana trans-factor and cis-element prediction database
Pathway annotation resources
   TAIR-GO Gene Ontology annotations at TAIR
   AraCyc AraCyc pathways at TAIR
   KEGG KEGG orthology (KO) – Arabidopsis thaliana
   FunCat MIPS functional catalogue
   AcyLipid The Arabidopsis lipid gene database
   BioPathAt Biochemical pathway knowledge database