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Table 1 List of genes that are expression correlated with AtPNP-A (At2g18660)

From: Co-expression and promoter content analyses assign a role in biotic and abiotic stress responses to plant natriuretic peptides

Locus r-value Annotation
At3g57260 RBS, SAR 0.731 Pathogenesis-related protein 2 (PR-2)
At5g10760 0.681 Aspartyl protease family protein
At2g04450 RBS 0.676 Triphosphatase activity, stress response
At5g52760 0.661 Heavy-metal-assoc. domain-containing
At2g17040 0.659 No apical meristem (NAM) family protein
At5g55450 RBS 0.647 Protease inhibitor/lipid transfer protein
At1g21250 0.645 Wall-associated kinase 1 (WAK1)
At4g23610 0.641 Hin1 – role in hypersensitive response
At1g13470 0.634 Mitochondrial protein of unknown function
At4g14365 0.634 Zinc finger (C3HC4-type RING) family
At1g73800 0.630 Calmodulin binding protein
At3g56710 0.629 SigA-binding protein, plastid sigma factor
At4g04490 0.627 PK family, liposaccharide biosynthesis
At2g14560 0.626 Protein of unknown function (DUF 567)
At2g14610 RBS, SAR 0.626 Pathogenesis-related protein 1 (PR-1)
At1g21520 0.626 Expressed protein
At2g24850 0.626 Aminotransferase, resp. to wounding & JA
At4g23150 0.625 Protein kinase family protein
At3g60420 0.622 Phosphohistidine phosphatase activity
At2g32680 0.620 Disease resistance, leucine rich-repeats
At1g74440 0.614 Similar to YGL010w-like protein
At1g02450 RBS, SAR 0.613 NPR1/NIM1-interacting prot. 1 (NIMIN1)
At4g11890 0.606 Protein kinase family protein
At1g75040 RBS, SAR 0.604 Pathogenesis-related protein 5 (PR-5)
At1g08450 0.602 Calreticulin 3 precursor, Ca2+ binding
  1. SAR: Systemic acquired resistance; RBS: Responsive to biotic stress