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Table 5 Comparison of tomato and apple fruit development genes

From: Global gene expression analysis of apple fruit development from the floral bud to ripe fruit

SGN-U ID (build 200607)a TOM1 SGN-M IDb Apple Genbank acc. Putative Annotationc e valued
Early fruit development cluster
SGN-U313081 1-1- CN949202 Tubulin 4.00E-114
SGN-U334957 1-1- EG631180 dimethyllallyl pyrophosphate isomerase 2.00E-70
SGN-U313439 1-1- CN929316 Catalase isozyme 5.00E-67
SGN-U312411 1-1- CN929316 Catalase isozyme 1.00E-39
SGN-U314745 1-1- EB129157 Histone H2B family 5.00E-64
SGN-U315396 1-1- CN897140 Histone H2B family 1.00E-52
SGN-U320099 1-1- EB134184 homeodomain leucine zipper protein 5.00E-50
SGN-U312336 1-1- CN900880 Chlorophyll a/b binding protein CP24 8.00E-45
SGN-U316933 1-1- CN938965 SLT1 protein 1.00E-42
SGN-U312305 1-1- EB115858 Tubulin 5.00E-42
SGN-U312306 1-1- CN898685 Tubulin 3.00E-37
SGN-U312504 1-1- CN929029 Glycolate oxidase 5.00E-33
SGN-U312724 1-1- CN929029 Glycolate oxidase 9.00E-22
SGN-U313531 1-1- EB140736 multi-copper oxidase type I family protein 5.00E-33
SGN-U314489 1-1- EB128513 β-glucosidase 5.00E-30
SGN-U313179 1-1- EB149714 Photosystem I reaction center subunit N 3.00E-29
SGN-U313648 1-1- EB139544 multi-copper oxidase type I family protein 2.00E-26
SGN-U314548 1-1- EB128647 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase A 6.00E-25
SGN-U312538 1-1- EB130656 60 kDa chaperonin 2 (groEL protein 1) 8.00E-23
SGN-U312683 1-1- CN900931 Calreticulin precursor 9.00E-19
SGN-U319738 1-1- CN865336 zinc (C3HC4-type RING finger) family 3.00E-18
SGN-U314473 1-1- EB176490 MADS-box protein (AGL3) RIN 3.00E-17
SGN-U317999 1-1- CN945062 PGR5 related 8.00E-17
SGN-U318625 1-1- EB114733 kinase-activating protein 3.00E-16
SGN-U312874 1-1- CN909851 HMG protein 7.00E-16
SGN-U313470 1-1- CN940020 Hypothetical protein 2.00E-13
SGN-U333609 1-1- EB140812 expansin (EXP15) 7.00E-12
SGN-U313166 1-1- EB131083 Hypothetical protein 2.00E-11
SGN-U314384 1-1- EB132156 Lipid transfer protein (LTP1) 1.00E-10
SGN-U314386 1-1- EB132156 Lipid transfer protein (LTP1) 3.00E-07
SGN-U313194 1-1- EB131105 Photosystem I reaction center subunit psaK 3.00E-10
SGN-U313424 1-1- CN948056 seed storage/lipid transfer protein family 4.00E-10
SGN-U314489 1-1- EB141224 β-glucosidase, protein 1.00E-09
SGN-U312690 1-1- EB141004 Plastocyanin 2.00E-09
SGN-U336943 1-1- CN911937 hypothetical protein 7.00E-09
SGN-U331028 1-1- CN913037 Hypothetical protein 2.00E-08
SGN-U317844 1-1- EB140002 subtilase family protein 3.00E-07
SGN-U312690 1-1- EB127862 Glycolate oxidasee 4.00E-07
SGN-U313570 1-1- CN909757 hypothetical proteinf 4.00E-07
SGN-U316057 1-1- CN882413 Aspartyl protease family protein 8.00E-07
SGN-U334601 1-1- CN887130 Aldehyde dehydrogenase 2B4 2.00E-06
SGN-U319033 1-1- EB133081 bZIP transcription factor 2.00E-06
SGN-U314713 1-1- CN918915 aldo/keto reductase familyg 2.00E-06
SGN-U314261 1-1- EB148186 photosystem I subunit III precursor 6.00E-06
Mid development cluster
SGN-U312527 1-1- EB130137 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 8.00E-109
SGN-U312579 1-1- EB130137 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 4.00E-70
SGN-U313529 1-1- EB130137 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 6.00E-75
SGN-U313179 1-1- EB148119 Photosystem I reaction centre subunit N 4.00E-47
SGN-U312700 1-1- EB110724 Aquaporin PIP1.1 9.00E-46
SGN-U313179 1-1- EB138262 Photosystem I reaction center subunit) 2.00E-42
SGN-U313283 1-1- EB109090 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase 1.00E-37
SGN-U312814 1-1- CN943669 Plasma membrane intrinsic protein 5.00E-35
SGN-U316986 1-1- EG631337 class II heat shock protein 6.00E-33
SGN-U313962 1-1- EB143575 Hypersensitive induced response protein 7.00E-28
SGN-U312403 1-1- EE663740 Heat shock 70 kDa protein 1.00E-18
SGN-U313542 1-1- CN882970 plasma membrane protein 8.00E-18
SGN-U312953 1-1- EB129432 α-expansin precursor 4.00E-17
SGN-U333609 1-1- EB129432 α-expansin precursor 2.00E-06
SGN-U314790 1-1- CN913939 quinone-oxidoreductase protein 4.00E-17
SGN-U314793 1-1- CN913939 quinone-oxidoreductase protein 2.00E-10
SGN-U312450 1-1- EE663684 17.6 kDa class I heat shock protein 2.00E-12
SGN-U315846 1-1- CN866618 CBL-interacting protein kinase 2.00E-11
SGN-U314303 1-1- EB138124 Fatty aldehyde dehydrogenase 2.00E-10
SGN-U318440 1-1- CN875978 Hypothetical protein 4.00E-08
Ripening cluster
SGN-U312527 1-1- EB137890 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 1 6.00E-88
SGN-U312579 1-1- EB137890 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 1 5.00E-42
SGN-U313529 1-1- EB137890 S-adenosylmethionine synthetase 1 3.00E-86
SGN-U312306 1-1- CN943168 Tubulin 5.00E-54
SGN-U314314 1-1- CN907169 Hypothetical protein 4.00E-44
SGN-U315828 1-1- CN940740 Cytochrome C oxidase subunit protein 5.00E-41
SGN-U334905 1-1- EB130234 β-carotene hydroxylase 2.00E-39
SGN-U312904 1-1- EB150480 haloacid dehalogenase hydrolase family 6.00E-38
SGN-U314358 1-1- CN915191 Alcohol dehydrogenase 5.00E-33
SGN-U319942 1-1- CN874208 Membrane-anchored ubiquitin-fold protein 2.00E-24
SGN-U316057 1-1- CN879999 aspartyl protease family protein 3.00E-22
SGN-U317374 1-1- CN946592 Hypothetical protein 3.00E-19
SGN-U336133 1-1- EG631183 α-amylase 5.00E-19
SGN-U318901 1-1- CN876487 Hypothetical protein 2.00E-17
SGN-U316698 1-1- CN868148 Seed maturation protein 5.00E-17
SGN-U316057 1-1- CN894718 aspartyl protease family protein 9.00E-16
SGN-U313923 1-1- CN883582 SNF1 protein kinase regulatory gamma 9.00E-16
SGN-U314101 1-1- CN941714 Chaperone clpB 7.00E-15
SGN-U317462 1-1- CN884487 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 6 5.00E-13
SGN-U313514 1-1- EB152301 14-3-3 protein GF14 upsilon (GRF5) 2.00E-12
SGN-U313747 1-1- EB128426 vacuolar processing enzyme-1b 3.00E-12
SGN-U316038 1-1- EE663883 Expressed protein 9.00E-12
SGN-U314449 1-1- CN902741 hypothetical or unknown protein 2.00E-11
SGN-U314453 1-1- CN902741 hypothetical or unknown protein 4.00E-11
SGN-U313315 1-1- EG631213 Putative chloroplast-targeted β-amylase 1.00E-09
SGN-U328474 1-1- CN911230 NHL repeat-containing protein 2.00E-09
SGN-U314887 1-1- EB144737 Phytoene synthase 3.00E-09
SGN-U313474 1-1- CN898201 short chain dehydrogenase/reductase family 3.00E-08
SGN-U322411 1-1- EB137522 Homocysteine S methyltransferase 1 2.00E-07
SGN-U315858 1-1- CN895375 Universal stress protein 2.00E-07
SGN-U315671 1-1- CN929435 Ethylene-responsive DEAD box RNA helicase 3.00E-07
SGN-U312714 1-1- EG631274 Cytochrome P450 85A1 (C6-oxidase) 2.00E-07
SGN-U312715 1-1- EG631274 Cytochrome P450 85A1 (C6-oxidase) 3.00E-07
SGN-U313547 1-1- CN917878 Plasma membrane ATPase 1 (Proton pump 1) 4.00E-07
SGN-U312870 1-1- EE663893 Xyloglucan:xyloglucosyl transferase 6.00E-07
SGN-U316695 1-1- EB111007 Mitogen-activated protein kinase 3 7.00E-07
SGN-U320099 1-1- EB116421 Homeobox leucine zipper protein ATHB-4 2.00E-06
SGN-U312516 1-1- EG631323 N-benzoyltransferase protein 4.00E-06
SGN-U312884 1-1- CN862135 Hypothetical protein 6.00E-06
  1. Genes identified as changing during tomato fruit development were used to identify apple genes present on the array that were also changing during fruit development.
  2. a Gene identifier for the tomato gene containing the sequence on the TOM1 array, from [53]
  3. b Micrarray feature identifier from Alba et al. [13].
  4. c Annotation of both the apple and tomato genes, based on BLAST comparison of genes with public databases.
  5. d e value for the MegaBLAST comparison between the tomato gene and the apple gene that contain the sequence on the array.
  6. e Annotation for tomato gene is: Plastocyanin, chloroplast precursor.
  7. f Annotation for tomato gene is: Histone H4.
  8. g Annotation for tomato gene is: protein transporter.