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Figure 3

From: Host-plant-mediated effects of Nadefensin on herbivore and pathogen resistance in Nicotiana attenuata

Figure 3

Pst DC3000 inoculation and Na defensin silencing decrease M. sexta larval mass gain in N. attenuata. A). Mean (± SE) M. sexta larval mass gain on WT plants and irdefensin lines 76 and 96. A neonate larva was placed in a clip cage and allowed to feed continuously for 12 days. Larval mass was recorded on days 6, 9 and 12. B) Photographs taken after 12 days of M. sexta feeding on WT and irdefensin lines 76 and 96 that were induced with Pst DC3000. Asterisk indicates significant differences (p = 0.05) between WT and irdefensin lines (76 and 96) after Pst DC3000 infection (N = 30).

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