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Table 2 Homologies of the most abundantly expressed RNAs as determined by ESTs redundancy

From: ESTs from a wild Arachis species for gene discovery and marker development

# of reads Blast homology Genbank Accession number Best e-value
115 auxin-repressed protein-like protein (Manihot esculenta) gb|AAX84677.1 6e-34
69 Ara h 8 allergen (Arachis hypogaea) gb|AAQ91847.1| 6e-72
60 type 2 metallothionein (Vigna angularis) dbj|BAD18379.1| 1e-16
56 PR10 protein (Arachis hypogaea) gb|AAU81922.1| 3e-68
44 cytokinin oxidase-like protein (Arabidopsis thaliana) emb|CAB79732.1 1e-120
39 alcohol dehydrogenase 1; ADH1 (Lotus corniculatus) gb|AAO72531.1| 1e-114
38 metallothionein-like protein (Arachis hypogaea) gb|AAO92264.1 1e-25
34 proline-rich protein precursor (Phaseolus vulgaris) gb|AAA91037.1 6e-05
29 ripening related protein (Glycine max) gb|AAD50376.1 5e-52
25 hypothetical protein (Nicotiana tabacum) dbj|BAD83567.1 1e-38