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Table 1 Copy number insertions for RNAi transgenic barley plants transformed with Agrobacterium. This table summarises those lines that were subsequently analysed using Q-PCR. The Ubi-MSH7RNAi-NOS vector used in the transformation procedure is illustrated in Figure 4.

From: TaMSH7: A cereal mismatch repair gene that affects fertility in transgenic barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Plant number Copy number
Hvmsh7–7 1
Hvmsh7–12 1
Hvmsh7–22 1
Hvmsh7–41 1
Hvmsh7–44 6
Hvmsh7–47 1
Hvmsh7–50 3
Hvmsh7–52 1
Hvmsh7–55 2
Hvmsh7–56 5
Hvmsh7–57 1