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Table 1 Metal concentration (μM) which caused 50% inhibition of root growth (I50) for the different metals used on T. goesingense and A. thaliana followed by the relative comparative tolerance index of T. goesingense for different metals.

From: The metal tolerance profile of Thlaspi goesingense is mimicked in Arabidopsis thalianaheterologously expressing serine acetyl-transferase

  Nickel (μM) Cobalt Zinc Cadmium
Thlaspi goesingense > 500 460 > 500 38
Arabidopsis thaliana 80 56 98 13
Comparative Tolerance Index (I50 Thlaspi/I50 Arabidopsis) Ni > 6.28 Co 8.14 Zn > 5.09 Cd 2.84