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Table 1 Plastid gene loss relative to Panax ginseng

From: Complete plastid genome sequences suggest strong selection for retention of photosynthetic genes in the parasitic plant genus Cuscuta

Gene Type Ipomoea purpurea Cuscuta exaltata Cuscuta obtusiflora
NADH dehydrogenase   ndhA, Ψ ndhB, ndhC, Ψ ndhD, ndhE, ndhF, ndhG, ndhH, ndhI, ndhJ, ndhK ndhA, ndhB, ndhC, ndhD, ndhE, ndhF, ndhG, ndhH, ndhI, ndhJ, ndhK,
Photosystem Protein    psaI
Ribosomal Protein rpl23?) Ψ rpl23, Ψ rps16 rpl23, rpl32, rps16
Transfer-RNA   trnK-UUU trnA-UGC,trnG-UCC, trnI-GAU,trnK-UUU, trnR-ACG†,trnV-UAC
RNA polymerase    Ψ rpoA, rpoB, rpoC1, rpoC2
Initiation factor Ψ infA*† Ψ infA* infA*†
Unknown ycf15 Ψ ycf15 ycf15
Intron maturase    matK
  1. * Also nonfunctional in Nicotiana tabacum and Atropa belladonna
  2. † Still present in Epifagus virginiana