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Table 5 Summary of enhancer trap lines

From: Global expression analysis of nucleotide binding site-leucine rich repeat-encoding and related genes in Arabidopsis

Enhancer trap line Gene interrupted Gene type RACE -PCRa GUS staining Microarray datab MPSS datac
SET6934 At1g72870 TN ND no 108.3(M) 1–15(14)
SET7157 At1g65850 TNL ND no 55.4(A) 3–18(4)
SET3935 At5g17680 TNL ND no 54.4(A) 3-3(1)
SET7450 At1g59780 CNL ND no 41.6(A) 3–45(3)
SET6003 At1g61300 NL Expressed no 552.5(P)(probe set cross-hybridizes to At1g61180, At1g61190, and At1g61310) 4-179(37), MPSS tags also represent At1g61180, At1g61190, and At1g61310.
ET1927 At1g72910 TN Expressed Weak staining in leaf; weak induction by BTH 5566.9(P) (probe set cross-hybridizes to At1g72930) 2–127(5), two MPSS tags also represent other genes.
ET6374 RPP5 (At4g16950 in Col) TNL Expressed no 1377.5(P) (probe set may cross-hybridize to At4g16860, At4g16890, and At4g16920) 3–168(31), several MPSS tags also represent several other genes
  1. a ND = no detectable expression.
  2. b Called present (P), marginal (M), or absent (A) in microarray expression data in control leaf sample of SA experiment [79].
  3. c Range of adjPPM or TPM (# of libraries with expression detected).